Why Use Procurement101

Along with our design services, for sale boards and brochure printing we truly do offer our time poor clients the time to, sell the home. You don’t have to arrange a photographer then liaise with the signboard company only to then worry about the delivery of the brochures. Once the property is booked in, Procurement101 take it from there.

All our services are handled internally:

  • Our photographers.
  • Post processing of the photos.
  • Our design team which handles your brochure & board design.
  • Our signboard installers.


Powerful visuals is perhaps the best marketing tool one can have in their arsenal. And Procurement101, regardless of your requirement will deliver quality results across all facets of your projects. That is our promise to you.



Post Processing and Image Retouching

It is all about the clicks per page. We have proven time and time again that a twilight shot as the main photo on popular real estate websites can more than double the properties clicks per page. Now that is exposure!

Real-Estate-Before Twilight-Real-Estate-After


before-yard after-yard

Sometimes it is best to remove “debris” and opt for that clean uncluttered look, other times, things just need to be moved around.

procurement101.com-before procurement101.com-clean procurement101.com



Yes, we would all like to walk into a picture perfect home. The reality is, these homes are lived in. Rest assured we will move what we have to move to get the shot.

before-bathroom after-bathroom